Best In The World: Let’s Play Hakuoki: Kyoto Winds, Episode 46


Wait, what are we talking about?

Oh, right, Sanan. Whoops. Sorry. Sorry! Sorry.


Thus far, Sanan has not changed. He’s sleeping off his Okita-caused injuries, but we don’t know the state of his mind. We don’t know what’s happened inside his head. We just have to wait. 

At least waiting will be okay, so long as —

Ah shit. Itou.

You’re pretty great, Sano!


Everyone handles Itou’s appearance like I do, averting their eyes and making gagging noises.

Itou, unfortunately, isn’t as dumb as roughly half this room.

Sano tells Nagakura to make something up, which just leads to a bunch of desperate stammering. Kondou stares straight ahead, hoping the purple minivan just drives away without noticing him. Hijikata works on killing him with his mind (and, failing that, me, because why not).

Fortunately, there’s an adult in the room.

Hell yeah, bust out that silver tongue NOT LIKE THAT I mean NO YOU ARE PROMISED TO ANOTHER I’m just saying while we’re all here–

–wait, SAITO?????

“However, we have yet to assume a real grasp on the situation. An attempt to make an explanation now is a risk of confusion from inaccurate information. If you wish, I would be happy to provide you with a more detailed report this afternoon.”

He didn’t say ANYTHING AT ALL in all those words and it WORKED??????

…goddamn, Saito.

As soon as Itou leaves, though, Hijikata voices his concern. 

You’re right. We’re all a package deal, and someone going missing is going to be noticed right away. I mean, except for Tails, who has been missing for weeks and no one at all noticed. I didn’t accidentally mute him, did I? Has anyone checked under the table? see, it’s ‘cause he’s short, and

hello, lord dracule

Everyone jumps up at once, with concern on their faces and tension in their words. Sanan assures us that he’s doing well. He’s just tired, because “those who have taken the draught often find activity during daylight hours to be especially taxing.”

“I have become Death, destroyer of worlds, and downer of bottles.”

It’s all Kondou can do not to burst into happy tears. I LOVE THIS MAN

Sanan used to not be able to move his arm at all. Now, he holds it out, flexing his hand into a fist, then back to the open palm. His arm is restored.

(when I took this screenshot, I didn’t even realize the foreshadowing of Okita being the one to ask this, with that facial expression. just tremendous work that no one would notice their first time through. well done.)

Sanan can fight with us again… but not in the light of day. How do we get around that?

Dude, you can just delete your twitter account, it’s cool.


Coldly, calmly, and methodically, Sanan proves that Nagakura couldn’t be more wrong. Sanan’s presence as an example of what is possible will go incredibly far for those already serving in the Fury Corps, and it will give him more room to work on further refinements to the medicine. With him gone, Itou and his men also won’t have any reason to suspect that we are keeping something from them. And if there is a way to mitigate, or even remove, the side effects… well, that’s a chance they have to take, on the shogun’s orders.

Hijikata tells everyone it’s time to get to work, even though we didn’t get much sleep. To me, though, he tells me to go back to my room so I can get some. Kindness inside a curt dismissal. He remains peculiar.

As I head back, my mind races.

Sanan is safe, but…

I mean


not really, no

Best In The World: Let’s Play Hakuoki: Kyoto Winds, Episode 45

is it kissing me

yes yes yes yes 

yes as a doctor’s daughter I think about kissing everyone it’s very inconvenient and has made for so many hilarious misadventures

srsly kiss me

you can make it up to me with your mouth

I need you to make up for my dumbass mouth with your dumbass mouth


I can’t sleep NOW I’m not even tired from all of our reckless making out

guess we gotta recklessly make out

you go first





yes he likes food weird direction to take this but go with it I’m both available here and to go

…I think I’m losing the plot.

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I hate everyone in this room, which now is only me.


Best In The World: Let’s Play Hakuoki: Kyoto Winds, Episode 44

As if I can sleep.

Poking around the complex, I find that I’m not the only one.

With no prompting, Nagakura starts pouring his heart out to me.

And in the end, it failed, and that captain died from it. 

Sanan knew about that. He knew about the failed experiment, and the price that captain paid.

If I know anything about Shinpachi Nagakura, it’s that he has abs that just won’t quit and biceps that bounce the moon across the sky. If I know anything ELSE about Shinpachi Nagakura, it’s that he cares deeply for his friends and almost not at all about himself. Look at when his hand nearly fell off and he barely even noticed. He’s basically that lizard that shoots blood out of its eyes – everything on him is a weapon, and can be deployed at a moment’s notice if one of his friends needs him.

So of course this isn’t about him.

hell yeah