Best In The World: Let’s Play Hakuoki: Kyoto Winds, Episode 30

All right, listen up, motherfucker, you’re hotter than a Florida summer and your arms dwarf the Appalachians and your eyes make Crater Lake look like a bunch of silt runoff and that’s a smile that can crack a glacier and if this was a dom/sub situation I know full well which side of that power dynamic you’d fall BUT THIS AIN’T THAT SO DRINK YOUR GODDAMN TEA

…is what I should have said, but instead, here I am, not doing that.

Everyone else offers their opinions on my tea, and if I cared about them I’d share them. Just imagine that Tails says everything is great the way it is, Okita points out I kinda fucked it up but why would he expect anything better from me, and Saito attempts to eject himself from the conversation like he’s a really passive-aggressive imposter.


He’s so PROUD that he gets to lead everyone into glorious battle!

He’s so ANGRY that he has to lead everyone into glorious battle!

Not everyone gets to do. Sanan will never fight again, and Okita and Tails are still on the mend from their sucking chest wound and mast-to-the-face or whatever it was that got Tails.

They take the news as you’d expect, sarcastically and I’m-turning-the-volume-down.

Funk Soul Brother sets me up. Fortunately, I have a Powerpoint prepared going over the merits of just such an–

–well, uh, that was easy.

Oh good, the fun bunch is here.

…hey, asshole, let me tell you something about–


He’s struck Sanan speechless! And me! And everyone else I bet!


And Papa Bear says we’re going to war.

We’re going to war!!!!!

we’re all gonna die

Best In The World: Let’s Play Hakuoki: Kyoto Winds, Episode 29

August 1864.

I have been doing this for some time. 

I have been here before.

I will be here after.

But it’s time to ask a question that has haunted me ever since the beginning. 

One that stayed with me to the end.

For image 300, I will finally say it.




oh shit they’re cops

Oh thank goodness Hot Godzilla’s back.

I unfortunately have to say that no, I haven’t found anything.


Unfortunately, Kyoto does not share the same sense of optimism. There is a tension in the air, like the people on the street are just waiting for something to snap. There is a reason for this tension.

The Choshu.

Ikeda Inn was a setback for them, but people tend not to take setbacks as the end of the war. They’ll be back attacking Kyoto soon, and this time there will need to be a real concerted effort to push them back. 

Fighting will return to Kyoto, but the Powder Blue Boys will be there waiting.

have you lost your goddamned mind

I mean, on the one hand, I could be killed. I could get in the way and lead to one of them being killed. I could be a massive disappointment to everyone.

On the other hand YA GIRL GOIN TO WAR

Best In The World: Let’s Play Hakuoki: Kyoto Winds, Episode 28


this is just like that dream i had

it’s getting better!!!!!!

in my dream you don’t talk


For the FIRST TIME, I see the appeal of Hijikata. It’s the softness of the eyes when he smiles. He never does that, of course, so you cherish it, like an eclipse, or an F-Zero game.

He’s like Kondou, that way.

I’m going to guess that YOU’VE never said you’re friends, though.

It’s nice, to have friends.

Best In The World: Let’s Play Hakuoki: Kyoto Winds, Episode 27

Hachiro is overjoyed to see Hijikata, and what’s more, he’s overjoyed to see Hijikata succeed at something. He had to see it for himself, and then congratulates Hijikata on really becoming a samurai.

Receiving a compliment is alien to the rare Hijikata, seen only in the Kyoto region of Japan, and as such this noble creature resorts to its base instinct of anger and refusal.

Fortunately, the thought of crying children returns the noble Hijikata to its usual relaxed state. It will spend the rest of the day basking in the sun after it kills and devours its page.

Hijikata’s friend introduces himself as Hijikata’s Friend, though I can call him Iba for short. Iba serves the shogunate, as his orders so helpfully explained (with footnotes), and he is entrusted with protecting the shogun, the shogun’s guests, the shogun’s friends, the shogun’s guests’ friends, and the people who show up in the background to say “yeah” and drop a guest verse on one of the B-sides.

Depending on what side of the aisle you fall on, Iba, we’ll either be opening seventeen Congressional hearings into your position, or giving you your own talk show.

Okay, pick your words carefully, Hikaru.

yessssssssss diplomacy yessssssss

noooooooooooooo sense motive noooooooooooo

I would like this skill in my real actual life.


Hijikata’s dojo and Iba’s dojo socialized often, so they became fast friends, at least by Hijikata’s standards, since Iba is still here and not spread across the walls. Iba was ecstatic when he learned he was coming to Kyoto, because it meant he could see “Toshi” again. 

The thought of anyone calling Hijikata by a nickname is still utterly bizarre to me.

Hijikata, always ready to wet blanket the room, says that Kyoto is hardly a vacation destination.




keep diggin’ that hole, shogun man

“She saw all the murdering, and for some reason I was talked out of doing a great deal more murdering. I would appreciate you not letting anyone else know so we can keep the murder hose pointed at the right direction.”

call him senpai, it’s hotter when you call him senpai