Best In The World: Let’s Play Hakuoki: Kyoto Winds, Episode 11

Quarantine has come to Kyoto.

No joke, right after this line Okita shows up to mock me for being gullible. I’m not giving him the pleasure of being immortalized in jpeg!

You I’ll show, though, you beautiful closet door.

Murderer’s Row is here to get me for dinner. 

What’s at dinner, you ask?


Shinpachi Nagakura and the Continued Emasculation of Tails Toudou

Oh, don’t apologize, I spent weeks dunking on Tails in a past life. It was real easy ‘cause he’s so short. I was just constantly DeAndre Jordaning that dude straight into the ground.

goddamnit sano stop being sweet

Thank you, cold water on the groin – I mean Inoue.

A skirmish broke out at a dry goods store in Osaka. In the fracas, Hijikata and Sanan dispatched the ronin, but Sanan was stabbed deep in his left arm.

Yiiiiikes. The poor guy.

Okita mentions that there’s really nothing left for him to do except the inevitable.

Ah, so that’s what it feels like when all of the air rushes out of your lungs, that’s valuable. I forgot what it was like to feel that fear.

“What are furies?” I innocently ask.

Cooler heads prevail.

Lips are SEALED, Hunkasaurus.

Seriously, I’m gonna be fine. It’s cool.

It’s FINE. I’m not going to be in my room having a come apart! Calm down!