Best In The World: Let’s Play Hakuoki: Kyoto Winds, Episode 5

Oh, hello, Sanan. You’re looking particularly not mad science-y today, and let me tell you, I really appreciate it.

That is a factual statement, Hijikata. That is a factual statement you have just said.

…so are you on his route, or is he on yours? Just asking.

Oh god look at him he’s a giant teddy bear of a man.

Kondou is in charge, and he’s the kind of guy you’d run through a wall for, except he’s gone and gotten a really nice revolving door installed because he’s worried about your health.

Wonderful welcoming Kondou immediately tells me all about the Shinsengumi and how much he loves his men, which goes over about as well as when Jefferson Davis tells Miles he loves him on his first day at the new school.

…you know how sometimes, you’re having the absolute best dream you’ve ever had, but there’s just one thing that’s off about it, that’s ruining the whole thing, and you can’t enjoy the dream like you want because that thing that’s just wrong is in there, in your mind, digging into the corners of your attention like a little spiky barb that’s gotten in the toe of your boot and you don’t want to just stop the hike and dig it out but you can’t ignore it and it’s all you can think about and it’s overpowering the lovely time you’re out here to have, the entire reason you came to this fucking mountain in the first place, goddamnit?

Hello, Hijikata, how are you.


I can’t let Papa Bear down, despite the fact that I’ve just met him. I’ve gotta keep my cool. I didn’t see anything, I say, especially anything that they wouldn’t want me to have seen.

One hundred percent sure.

Noooooo don’t use your braaaaaaain

If/then statements!


The opposite of what I want has happened in record time.

“…but it’s going up on the wall as a trophy.”


Best In The World: Let’s Play Hakuoki: Kyoto Winds, Episode 4

Fantastic. I’m a prisoner. Again.

I know this is a cultural thing, but it’s hard for me not to think of like college dorm futons, which I would NEVER describe as ‘comfortable.’ ‘Corporeal,’ maybe. They exist in the physical plane.


Inoue is nice enough, but mostly just seems to be a doddering old man they keep around here to retrieve trussed-up strangers from makeshift jail cells.

He has a lot of free time.

I don’t believe a word you’re saying, Inoue.

He lets me know that “Toudou,” which IS his name, his name is not Tails because it looks like he has a ponytail on his forehead as well as the back of his head, look his name is Tails, is about my age, and Nagakura and Harada are “very lively,” which is a delightful thing to say about them and I will be sure to pass along the kind words.

Must you be so… so you?

Okita pretends he vampire-stalked me, Saito says he didn’t, Hijikata tells them both to shut up, look, I know you three. I need to get to the others. I need to get to the focus.

…ah, first impressions.


I tear myself away from the Rhapsody in Bro long enough to sort of say hello.




I don’t know what I like more here; Harada photobombing my thought process, or the dead-eye stare Nagakura’s rocking.

Was it because I was just staring at his junk for a solid three and a half minutes?