1 thought on “Start to Finish – Let’s Replay Valkyria Chronicles, Episode 18

  1. * Well this isn’t quite the opening to this video that I expected.
    * Let’s go fight by the ocean! It’ll be fun! …is anyone on our squad allergic to salt?
    * Nah, it’s in second person because Largo has to approach the camp alone. Go approach that camp, Largo!
    * …a… big grizzly bear? Maybe you’re just short, lady.
    * Isara, you can do better.
    * Damn, Rosie.
    * Okay, Alicia, tell the story–oh, I guess not.
    * Yes Welkin is basically if Blathers had a tank instead of a museum.
    * Welkin, say /yes/. Say YES when a woman finds a rare bug for you.
    * The pig likes to watch.
    * …I already regret typing that, but I will let it stand.
    * I kinda want to find Isara a nice tank-driving friend or something. She needs a social group that isn’t just her brother and her brother’s racist subordinates.
    * Oo, a skirmish!
    * Oh, it’s a special news glass now, huh?
    * …anyway, let’s chill at the graveyard.
    * Let’s go attack that big pink UNKNOWN on the map, I bet it’s plotting something.
    * “All y’all”
    * “Starters”
    * “Finishers”
    * “Folks I’ve probably met before”
    * Maybe you could just list us all by name, like Isara. It wouldn’t even take as long!
    * In sickness and in health, in edits and in unedited…
    * That tank is ADORABLE.
    * Slowly do all the things!
    * It’s pretty hard to say “Activate the Shamrock” in an ominous tone.
    * That train track loop ends up making it look from the map view like you’re having your battle at an amusement park.
    * I know that horror movie from reputation!
    * Nonsense, gardening shears (sheers?) are great for landmines. THey work best.
    * Claudia’s voice weirds me out so much.
    * C’mon, you tiny little tank, go, uh, do something, I guess.
    * At least Vyse is /also doing the ‘not quite dead’ thing when shot with a tank.
    * That was a great strategy! I assume.
    * I guess you did that ridiculous battle /really fast/.
    * The skirmish is, in fact, seen!
    * …never use that voice again.

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