1 thought on “Start to Finish – Let’s Replay Xenoblade Chronicles, Episode 18

  1. * Ah, flowers. Let’s catalog them!
    * …I have no intimidating petal discourse.
    * Anyway let’s go find this MYSTERY ITEM.
    * Hearing the potato yell about Kill Time is a little worrisome.
    * These arachnos are so full of vim. I wonder if we can tame one.
    * That warehouse is no fun at all! Go murder cute monsters on pretty fields instead.
    * We built street lights and got… a tiny nuclear device? Seems appropriate.
    * “Time to rumble! meheheheheh!” …I worry about this debt-riddled potato.
    * The Walls Have Eyes sounds… ominous.
    * I wonder if having a virtue of ‘humanity’ is racist against the non-humans in the party.
    * So many mechon, so little time! …I mean, literally, right now.
    * B rank! Better than a lot of Valkyria Chronicles battles, huh?
    * Those crabs are so cute. KILL THEM.
    * That thing is level 35. That mechon thing. That seems bad.
    * ….gem man’s language worries me. I just don’t want someone I’ve handed a reactor to saying things like “whoopsy-daisy”, y’know?
    * That giant bouncy horse really really doesn’t like you guys, does it.
    * …and honestly right now I want to play a game where I tame that breezy zolos and ride it places, not gonna lie.
    * You guys can just get together in pairs, maybe with some friends watching, and ‘make gems’ anywhere. At any time. Oh yeah.

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