1 thought on “Start to Finish – Let’s Replay Xenoblade Chronicles, Episode 17

  1. * Melia is being snooty at us, that’s what she’s doing, last I checked.
    * Maybe they could all dress like Dunban.
    * Hi, Meghan!
    * The distinct rhythm of LP patter in the background.
    * Is thematically appropriate and well-timed music so much to ask, really?
    * That song is SO SAD. The only one that makes me cry faster is “Best of Friends” from The Fox And The Hound, because it got to me at a formative age.
    * It’s a dinosaur with a hat that’s also a dinosaur!
    * Aw yeah, more potatoes!
    * “Something’s troubling her! But it’s definitely not the recent death of her sworn companions who all sacrificed themselves for her, before her eyes, and still barely saved her. Must be something mysterious.”
    * ….like lobsters?
    * Alvis, just showing up to repeat himself to Shulk in case Shulk has forgotten.
    * …out of pity? Because it’s a giant dangerous monster and we like hte potatoes!
    * You’re important! Just like the mushrooms and what not we see in other visions!
    * A big ol’ splash.
    * Heropon Ricky!
    * …this year’s.
    * Oh yeah, don’t worry, chief, we’ll be fine. You should see us jump from tall cliffs.
    * oh you’ll know the mushrooms. You’ll know them.
    * Does he have a fluffy club? With eyes stitched on?
    * Wait, you thought he was hero of the year /from birth/?
    * “Teddy,” I hiss, in recollection of Persona 4. At least I like Morgana, more or less.
    * Yeah, just go tell that small child that her father will die of overwork shortly. FOR HER.
    * Hero potato. Your party is complete.

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