1 thought on “Start to Finish – Let’s Replay Valkyria Chronicles, Episode 17

  1. * Let’s go deal with a train!
    * Are those rifles that shoot grenades, or grenades that explode into a bunch of little rifles, or…
    * Liberate! that! concentration camp!
    * Maybe they should add map-reading to officer training.
    * VROOM VROOM VROOM goes the imperial force toward the farmhands.
    * Rivers aren’t fatal! This isn’t grand theft auto!
    * Quito vs. Keto. Heehee.
    * Quito is a city near the equator, in a valley high in the Andes mountains, that’s the capital of Ecuador…
    * The bridge /does/ have hitpoints, yes.
    * How do these soldiers even see to aim at anything with helmets like htat.
    * Nah, being happy to kill Nazis is fine and normal.
    * Alicia is indeed the primary reason this squad has gotten anything done.
    * We are here for the real dumb!
    * Well let’s try not to die that much next time.
    * Look, with a sufficiently large weapon, all shots are head shots.
    * Unkind, but pretty cool!
    * Is that a railroad tank?
    * Sandwich now, while things are grim.
    * Vyse sure is having fun killing Nazis.
    * Vyes is /good/ at murder.
    * Wedding train /on/ the rails, get the Nazi train /off/ the rails.
    * Sneak, sneak, sneak the scout back out of the doom zone…
    * Grenades, addressed with “To whom it may concern.”
    * Yay, bridge collapse!
    * It’s hard to be all “Yay, B rank!” when the concentration camp is on fire.
    * …shit.
    * Well, now we get the cheery ‘new episode’ episode.
    * Yeah, I mean, I worry about 4.
    * Never mind a medal, I want therapy!
    * …I thought you were a pacifist!
    * Well, driving a tank with no weapons is one way to be a pacifist in the army.
    * Everyone’s got a hat! And now a gun!

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