1 thought on “Start to Finish – Let’s Replay Xenoblade Chronicles, Episode 16

  1. * It is indeed episode sixteen.
    * Do! Some! Things!
    * Okay, time to express yourselves at each other. At night.
    * Ether: the prettiest element.
    * Shulk would totally join Avalanche.
    * Okay, ‘Panther Top’ was definitely misread in my head for a moment and HOLY HECK THAT IS A GREAT OUTFIT ON DUNBAN.
    * Time for a highly dubious ceremony!
    * Adulthood is apparently made of angry birds. Who knew?
    * Anyway, time for a magic elevator!
    * Oh no, the magic elevator doesn’t work!
    * I really like rock climbing. I’m not good at it, but it’s lots of fun.
    * That too is very pretty.
    * Let’s hope it’s in… a long-term coma! Yeah!
    * That is very shiny and mushroomy and wow Nopons get /everywhere/.
    * …is our dead best friend going to be a mecha? Just asking. Because, I mean, we can see breasts, and there aren’t that many women around that we’d avoid the face of to make this all a surprise.
    * Oh, cool, people with giant hairdresses.
    * And a Brog’s armpit is pretty sweaty, I assume!
    * Suddenly wondering if your Betrayal Buddy from the very first cutscene with Dunban is one of the Faces we keep fighting.
    * YOu’re about level 34 good, I’d say.
    * That’s a great bridge. I love it.
    * Eggs need their protein too.
    * When Sharla says ‘good night!’ she really means it.
    * Fighting dinosaurs with smaller dinosaurs on their heads are still pretty weird.
    * I think the most amazing natural sight I’ve ever seen was the view of some Italian mountains from a hill my Roman archeology group was on, summer of 2018. The light was just… really something else. I prefer the mountain ranges of the Andes, as seen from Quito, but that fall of light on that summer day, shortly before rain rolled in? Amazing.
    * Hi, new party member! Guess we gotta shoot you with healing.
    * Hi, Riku! You’re /sexy/.
    * As has been said in another game: don’t think! feel!
    * Alvis is way too cool for us.
    * Alvis is hot and cool. Why aren’t we playing /him/.
    * Alvis, how are you this cool when you’re six levels lower than us.
    * Maybe he’s already seen a vision of us winning so he’s really chill about the fight.
    * He TOUCHED us. He’s so dreamy.
    * Alvis! Where did you get that cool necklace! Can we have one too!
    * “You have to maintain eye contact or he’ll leave,” says the spouse, wandering past. “…see? I told you.”
    * I would totally believe Alvis is just snickering right off screen.
    * “I’m a very fast swimmer.” Unlike Amateratsu, mother of us all.
    * Yeah, but you only know, like, three dozen people ever, Reyn. Of course if you expand your horizons you’ll find some more people who qualify.
    * Personal bubble, Shulk! Personal bubble!
    * Well, you’re very welcome, princess.
    * LEt’s go see the potatoes!

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