1 thought on “Start to Finish – Let’s Replay Xenoblade Chronicles, Episode 15

  1. * We’re in a lake! …we’re in a lake?
    * I’m mildly confused, but let’s roll.
    * This conversation is terrible, I’m loving it.
    * Hi, Pama! You are adorable, and not currently asking us for weird favors. Good job you.
    * Is your nice warm bed made of robots, Arda? No? Then maybe don’t complain about the local restaurant scene right now.
    * …dammit, Nopons.
    * I swear this colony has the worst babysitters. Just /watch the children/ who are so small they are likely to die on their own, is that /so much to ask/.
    * Anyway, back to stabbing squirrels.
    * …someone really needs to put a railing up there.
    * Yes, try not to lose the small children, it’s not like we have a lot of population to spare these days.
    * It exploded! How rude!
    * I don’t see how bards can sing about that treasure if it’s unspeakable. I guess they can hum?
    * That Cornelius never listens to reason.
    * Hit A constantly, whee!
    * Guess you need an offering, huh.
    * Yes, maybe tell us a little more about the offering thing, please.
    * That is a big… lump…. thing.
    * This spider, on the other hand, is definitely a giant spider, whatever they happen to call it.
    * I looked away from the screen for a minute, looked back, and now you’re fighting /lots/ of spiders. Possibly god spiders. Okay.
    * Kacha, the whole spider thing… there were a lot of spiders. A lot of spiders.
    * “I’m glad everything worked out,” says the person who’s just spent twenty minutes fighting giant spiders.
    * So he’s gonna start blinding people with botanical science next, huh?
    * Constancy is definitely a word.
    * You can tell it’s a fantasy cat because of how nice it sounds.

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