1 thought on “Start to Finish – Let’s Play Xenoblade Chronicles, Episode 14

  1. * Oh, Zazadan. Always wanting more of us.
    * Stop busting those poor guts! They’re already electric! How much more can they take!
    * Now Zazadan feel… nothing. Nothing at all.
    * This seems nice of Zazadan, so I am deeply suspicious.
    * I don’t know what these Ignas are so deluded about. They seem pretty coherent.
    * Whatever that red dot is, you /need it/.
    * dip! that! orb!
    * I too was expecting a lot more fish monster and a lot less snack.
    * Wreck! that! godwin!
    * Maybe be less at one with the battlefield, more at one with, like, your own hit points.
    * Zazadan, when the hell are you going to leave this place. Why do you ask so much of us.
    * deliver! those! fish eggs!
    * That is an interesting question, re: ether. I think that the conflation of the medical stuff with aether–a fancy way of saying ‘air’ from Greek, and thus used in alchemy to refer to the stuff the stars move through and all–is what gives it that ‘magic’ tinge that shows up in various ways in JRPGs. But for all I know it’s all traced back to a single translator’s desperate attempt to come up with a word to represent something that makes a lot more sense in the JApanese, back in the day, and having become a standard of the genre.
    * …what about colony 9. There isn’t any colony 9 left to be concerned about.
    * Oh thank god we don’t have to keep Juju.
    * The colony is still covered in mechon! Isn’t it?
    * Sharla’s the medic, dude, so I’m pretty sure technically she’s the one keeping us safe.
    * Aw, Dickson, don’t be weird at Reyn, but–oh, is this the “I will come for you if you’re not a good boyfriend to Shulk” speech at him? That’s fine, then.
    * This Nopon merchant has no name, so fortunately he is unlikely to send us on endless quests.
    * Could we skip the adulthood ritual and just take the stairs?
    * Oh, just realized I was confusing colony 9 and colony 6. Right!
    * We choose to fight! Sometimes by accident!
    * Otharon? I thought you just left! …oh, we warped to where you are, and now we’re here to fight monsters. Right.
    * The future! That thing that just happened!
    * I would totally put up with the casual mode box.
    * Look, if getting wrecked by rodents is what you enjoy, I say, go for it.
    * You get a lot of death visions, huh. It’s a wonder Shulk isn’t crippled by anxiety and depression.
    * You can do it! Maybe!
    * …next time, you can do it!

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