1 thought on “Start to Finish – Let’s Replay Xenoblade Chronicles, Episode 2

  1. * Okay, back to Fiora and, uh, that other guy. Woo!
    * Secret weapon! Secret weapon! Secret weapon! Secret weapon!
    * Maybe after the JRPG plot she can open a chicken restaurant.
    * ….say things like that and I expect your whole city to be on fire the next time you look at it.
    * An encouragement tutorial!
    * Look, Fiora is /really/ dedicated to keeping her socks in place. Gotta keep those knees warm.
    * Turn on the microphone, so we can all share in the sass!
    * Oh, hey, I remember that ring.
    * Just touching the ancient weapon of great power! Don’t worry! It’ll be cool!
    * I think that calls for a little more of a reaction than “…goodness!”
    * Because it wouldn’t hurt you, Fiora!
    * Do we get to destroy our beloved peasant village? That’s kinda traditional too.
    * Monado’s got a lot of things, aw yeah.
    * Yes, delicate Shulk.
    * I mean, he does have a baby face and floppy hair. You’d better come along.
    * Shulk does deserve some sass.
    * That is quite the ‘falling off a cliff’ helpful tutorial graphic.
    * We do love it when you do these videos with Matt, Meghan! You’re like the M&Ms of Start to Finish! Maybe you can stop him from jumping off so many cliffs!
    * You’re right, it’s totally a junk sword.
    * I adore omelets. Intensely.
    * Huh! I never realized ‘sunny side up’ and ‘over easy’ indicated different methods.
    * Swim, swim, swim away from the murderous monsters…
    * Murderin’ cranes, huh. We know who the real murderous monsters are.
    * Those biscuits are gonna be rock hard.
    * Peppino, are you sure those guys are your actual friends?
    * On the other hand, in Animal Crossing, you don’t get dandelions.
    * That was a really specific analogy.
    * Skive less, man!
    * …I would totally watch Meghan’s Swear-Filled LPs, too.
    * Shulk: Reliable And Delicate.
    * Friends good at much killing.
    * That dude was really hiding, huh.
    * Of course Dionysis needs… ‘medicine’.
    * How can someone dislike ‘delicacies’? Does she only appreciate the heartiest of meals?
    * You’re asking a random teenager to parent your child. Sure.
    * I can’t believe our beloved peasant village isn’t on fire yet. Maybe we need to make more friends first.
    * Always wear the coolest possible goggles.
    * Oo, I love cosmetic vs. stat set options!
    * We can’t lose! Let’s not lose our heads though. We can’t lose! You’re a lifesaver.
    * Yay, Fiora!
    * Of course she doesn’t trust you! Look what you did with the scary glowy sword!
    * Why doesn’t XC2 have these absurdly complicated affinity webs???
    * Hugs all around!
    * Let’s not lose our heads over it! We can’t lose. I’m really feeling it.
    * You can’t just say “What’s this? What’s this?” and not expect me to get the song stuck in my head.
    * mmm, dress-up. A good thing to put in games.

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