1 thought on “Start to Finish – Let’s Replay Xenoblade Chronicles, Episode 1

    * (exciiiiiiitement)
    * (put everything on the Switch, you cowards)
    * Those titans look pretty great, it’s true!
    * Look, Jane! It’s a creation myth!
    * Y’know, it’s interesting; I’ve seen magitech JRPGs, and magic-y JRPGs, but I can’t think of any that are just scifi-y and don’t have anything magicky. Not that I’m objecting as such.
    * Dude’s got some very heroic facial hair there.
    * And that dude’s got some very viking facial hair.
    * Yeah you could change your destiny to dead, that’s definitely one option.
    * Poor NPC. You’ve got a helmet covering your eyes, so you’re unlikely to get a name or plot.
    * Ha! I reflexively tapped my controller to make sure it was still live because I’ve sure reached that ‘oops, still playing a cut scene and the Switch dims’ point in JRPGs before.
    * Well this screen is awfully busy already.
    * Those robots are perhaps not your friends.
    * This is quite the explanation for the villainous traitor abandoning us all mid-battle.
    * “Ha ha I’m evil! I’m very evil! I twiisted my ankle! Oh no! My ironic death!”
    * …is that a Welsh accent? I like it, regardless.
    * Aw yeah, scavenging! I hadn’t realized in XC2 that ‘you play a scavenger that gets caught up in greater things’ was traditional for the series.
    * I have not played enough smash bros to recognize this dude.
    * Maybe this LP will finally get me to stop reading Shulk as a nickname for She-Hulk.
    * Ah, my beloved peasant city! I’m starting a timer to when it’s set on fire.
    * The weight listing is odd. I wonder if it’s actually talking about weight carried?
    * oh no barter economy
    * quests, quests, get yer quests here!
    * I like sconces better than lamps. or ceiling lights1
    * How are you going to run a restaurant with only 20 plates of curry a day, man?
    * What is it with JRPGs and anime loving the word ‘verdant’ in their translations?
    * That is one remarkably expensive potato.
    * …are we being sent out to fight dangerous rabbits?
    * We’ll just take your word for it about your cool map.
    * That mustache is amazing. The waxing it must take to keep it like that.
    * This soldier has a lot of excuses. But I’m not surprised that they crashed the tank when their helmets cover their eyes.
    * Destroy alllll the local wildlife!
    * But first, look at the very fancy sword.
    * ….that is the most seventies headband/haircut combo I’ve ever seen in a JRPG.
    * “And then we could conquer everyone! Look at who’d be laughing then!”
    * Oh no, he’s got dying voice!
    * Kids your age should be out stabbing monsters! That’s the healthy way to grow up!
    * “Ah, here I am, lounging shirtlessly, with my perfect hero beard, waiting for you to bring food to me, my life is so hard…”
    * That is one tidy kitchen.
    * Hi… Dickson.

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