1 thought on “Start to Finish – Let’s Replay Okami, Episode 12

  1. * We all know the world is very saved, it’s all good now. Let’s drink sake! Wolves love sake!
    * My dog is not a champion hole-digger, and this makes me glad.
    * Fireworkers help confirm that everything is cool! (My dog does not like them.)
    * I’ve had some amazing sake, and some mediocre sake; much like the whole category of ‘wine’ it can vary wildly. The cloudy type, the clear type, the shelf-stable type, the keep-fridged type, the type you drink hot, the type you drop another type into before drinking… Finding a place that will give you taster sets of a lot of different types in tiny taster cups would probably be the best way to figure out if you like any of those types.
    * Nothing but party for the rest of the game.
    * I mean, I don’t think of trees as super relaxed, in general.
    * Gotta go get brushes! In this extremely safe world.
    * I’m not even good at /2D/ platformers.
    * I’ve never played or /seen/ an entire playthrough of a Zelda game. I should find one. Somewhere.
    * Oh no! Mysterious illnesses!
    * Haven’t you heard, pig soldier, it’s all cool, everything is safe.
    * Fiiiiiiiire arrow!
    * ….did you just… blow up… the city.
    * This poor city.
    * Well that looks… bad.
    * We’re fighting a… rock?
    * A weight-lifting rock?
    * This dog is so bad at water. I guess it’s just too much like a bath.
    * Go, little tree, go! Grow!
    * ….not so little now, huh.
    * That is a very pretty city. I guess /now/ we’ve fixed everything permanently and forever.
    * This is a very pretty shrine, but where is everyone? Are all the people dead? Enchanted? What?
    * Hi, foxes! Hi, one dude!
    * Another dude! I guess it’s just a really sparsely populated city.
    * As a compromise position, dogs are allowed shotguns, but no ammunition.
    * What is up with that clam.
    * PIgs eat anything. Or anyone.
    * Fight! That! Umbrella!
    * These cats are unrealistic; they’re praising us for feeding them instead of just taking it as their due.
    * Does anyone but that one fisherman actually live in this city? Or is it just these two dudes guarding an essentially empty land?
    * Man that looks like a really comfy place to live, huh.

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