1 thought on “Start to Finish – Let’s Replay Valkyria Chronicles, Episode 15

  1. * I’m ready for whatever this dramatic handshake is gonna be.
    * Square dancing has a whole political background in schools!
    * …we get off-duty days?
    * …we have a princess? I thought we were a republic! Sigh. She’ll probably get kidnapped or something. Princesses always are.
    * What the hell did we do the hair.
    * Faldio is so hot.
    * Ms. Ellet, you could have at least put on a hat with formal plaid.
    * Oh yeah shunning alliances is–wait, someone named Borg wants us to ally? Uh.
    * Seriously this is why we shouldn’t have a monarchy.
    * This poor princess has to wear a hat always as wide as her spear is tall. I guess it’ll be worth it if she can start the Europa Union, but that seems unlikely.
    * But seriously who has a banquet at the actual throne. Let the poor woman eat.
    * That hairstyle is never a good sign and–woah, that other guy’s hairstyle is an even worse sign. Confirmed by his tiny moustache.
    * …why is the reporter lined up with the soldiers.
    * I bet they are dating, sure.
    * To be fair, a little invasion at the end of the war, as a treat, is a pretty traditional thing.
    * Faldio, really? You’re walking out of a banquet? At least stay through the main course!
    * I know it’s supposed to be a palace palistrade, but it /looks/ like they’re on the deck of a cruise ship.
    * My regent, Borg. I mean. With a name like that…
    * Maybe she doesn’t travel with any armed guards because she can glow and smack missiles around too.
    * …but also if this bloodline is so important, she should really have some more relatives.
    * Terrrrrrrible news!
    * OF COURSE SHE WAS. SHE IS A PRINCESS. THAT IS HER FATE IN A VIDEO GAME. Kidnapped, or running away, those are the princess options.
    * Y’all are making me want to watch Leverage again. Of course, I always want to rewatch Leverage.
    * Do we get a flying tank?
    * ….Leon. Kreis. Do not get too… all up… in that plane.
    * Many Bothans died to bring her father those documents. And then he died.
    * Harry Potter is very interested in flying, of course.
    * …and watching Isara while she works.
    * I have in fact purchased a copy of Persona 5 Golden, which is sitting in front of me right now, and will probably be started tonight.
    * (Not dating Futaba is fine; she’s our little sister, it would be weird.)
    * They’re dating Borg, maybe? It’s unclear.
    * I mean, I ship the protag with Akechi, so don’t ask me.
    * Aw, he changed.
    * As we all know, ‘harbor’ is etymologically derived from the ancient Sumerian word h’a-bohr, which means ‘full of cranes’.
    * Have we tried using illogical means against her racism?
    * Oh, sudden death!
    * He loves nature while shooting people, that makes him hardened.
    * That was /suspiciously/ easy. Maybe it’s a decoy tank.
    * Oh, she’s fine. She glows when threatened, right?
    * A nature metaphor will solve this!
    * did ANYONE get to eat at that banquet?
    * Awarding… is what bwings us… togethew… today.
    * I mean I think their reputation should suffer a bit from the part where they tried to kidnap our princess, even though I despise monarchies.
    * Does she have to wear the giant hat every time she calls us in to flirt at us?
    * ….oh god Welkin is basically what happens when Flick joins the army.
    * C’mon, show us all the Vyse details!
    * I am fine with losing Walter and his terrible facial hair.
    * Tell us the news, Ellet!
    * Take us on a news vacation!
    * Meanwhile, I am going to stay in this house for about two weeks, IRL.
    * (And then only go out with a mask.)
    * …please let the tank frolic too.
    * Please let Faldio show up, please let Faldio show up…
    * Oh gosh she’s sweat-dropping in her box.
    * ugh sunlight
    * Beaches are very pretty to look at from a nice air conditioned viewpoint.
    * Oo, period-appropriate swimwear!
    * ….period-inappropriate swimwear.
    * At least he didn’t compare you to a bug this time.
    * It looked for a moment like Welkin had been beheaded by a beach ball.
    * My housemate passes by, and asks indignantly, “Why isn’t the tank wearing a swimsuit?”
    * He didn’t even take off his coat.
    * I can’t believe the reporter even wears /gloves/ at the beach.
    * Make Isara team up with the racist so that the racist can experience personal growth, wooooo.
    * Faldio had a Reputation, huh.
    * Six new insect species at his age? Damn, Welkin!
    * I love Isara and her tool collection so much.
    * I love Varrot and her book collection so much.
    * Do they ever let that princess take off her damn hat.
    * Cezary sounds like a sniper, all right.
    * Maybe don’t test the tanks around residential areas, Leon.
    * Don’t you dare compare the noble chocobo to that man!

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