1 thought on “Start to Finish – Let’s Replay Valkyria Chronicles, Episode 14

  1. * Eat a food! Fight a war! Ra ra ra!
    * I too miss the outside. Sadly, I am going to the Texas soon, where the outside is made of flames.
    * I suppose if someone hates being around others, ‘sniper’ is the best option for them in the military.
    * Acronym rules are weird.
    * Library Chris!
    * Whoops. Slight case of death.
    * What a ducking monster.
    * I question the wisdom of that ice cream quiz.
    * I’m not quite sure what you expect an engineer to do in that circumstance.
    * oo, yeah, that’s why I periodically have the “Cramps, anxiety, or or indigestion?” question.
    * I suddenly desperately want to get reaction videos from y’all to Cells At Work.
    * These fact finding missions seem to mostly find death. I guess that’s a sort of fact.
    * That hip had it coming!
    * Murder! Those! Dudes!
    * Y’know, it does seem like the imperials are all dudes, except for the very occasional named NPC. Huh.
    * Lancers! Shooting all the dudes! Well, some of the dudes. Usually mostly tanks.
    * I’ve never actually played Shadow of the Colossus, or even seen an LP of it. Though, alas, I’ve been spoiled on the biggest aspect, I think.
    * You’re fine! You’re fine! You’ll probably live!
    * The door is a mystery to me, too.
    * Yes, you are a beloved member of the community regardless of your rating on this battle.
    * A D is still a pass, right? Right.
    * Incidents! Almost as good as accidents!
    * Ah, Axel. How I love him too.
    * We are totally encouraging him.
    * Oh yeah we remember that woman.
    * Sorry about your racing, racers.
    * Still no Vyse. Maybe next time.

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