1 thought on “Let’s Replay – Okami, Episode 11

  1. * Wolf! Time! wolf! time! wolftime!
    * Oh no, not the…. sake?
    * I mean, I guess it is /sacred/ sake.
    * Oh no, Susano! You have done the terrible thing! I’m somewhat unclear on why!
    * Oh I guess you’re going to explain now.
    * We have been staring at you a lot, it’s true.
    * Well, never mind all that, time to fight these glowy runes that probably turn into a giant multi-headed snake!
    * A GOOD DOG
    * …wait, what the heck, where did /this/ plot come from. Says who.
    * I mean, getting the snake drunk, sure, that seems pretty much like it makes sense.
    * Hi, Sakuya! Yes, yes, the prophecy, it’s been mentioned lately.
    * Oh thank goodness, Kushi is more sprinter than marathoner.
    * Oh, hey, a minimap.
    * Blanket fight 2020!
    * I mean yeah that seems like a really normal cave to check out.
    * Waka, I do not like your tone.
    * What would gender-specific beads even look like?
    * I jumped off the world tree once! I died.
    * Have we /talked/ to imps before?
    * Gasp! it’s a dog mask!
    * Titan A.E. was not great. But it had a few really good moments! And it wasn’t bad, it was just… yeah, fine.
    * There’s a whole imp bureaucracy!
    * Fight! That! Bulbasaur!
    * Just hearing these course prices is horrifying me.
    * I feel bad about our inevitable betrayal of this charming cook imp.
    * This game is a joy to watch, and boy I’m glad I’m not the one playing it, right now.
    * The lip wheel is… sure a thing.
    * Oh so /here/ is where you get fire.
    * We’ve found a giant pot, that’s a good sign, I think?
    * Boulders! Wind! Gosh cooking is very difficult, huh.
    * I mean, when someone brings me snacks, I usually don’t scream in terror.
    * Cook’s got some serious bell standards.
    * Bleeding ground is a great sign.
    * Okay now THERE is the eight-headed snake we were expecting.
    * Now, a pre-fight quaff.
    * oh no burning desires, avert your eyes
    * Yeah, stab him right in the face!
    * That’s some pretty fancy sake, for sure.
    * Hey, I totally got the batman joke!
    * Gasp! Waka has a mysterious mentor!
    * Just a teeny tiny howl!
    * (No pressure.)

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