1 thought on “Let’s Replay Okami – Episode 10

  1. * And now it’s PUPPY TIME
    * The boar riding a bomb in the sky /is/ a nice distraction from quarantine.
    * I don’t know much about drawing, but that’s a very nice deer you’re feeding.
    * Trampolines were so much fun when I was young and bouncy and had no proper fear of death.
    * These dogs were very bad at their jobs.
    * A friend of mine just bought a crown for, like, 2 million bells. I’m not gonna judge your turnip purchases.
    * This is the right kind of spooky!
    * We gots some orbs, ghost! Ooooooorbs.
    * Fight! That! Turtle!
    * Knives Out was excellent, it’s true.
    * Yeah don’t live in the Zelda world, everything is trying to kill you.
    * I approve of this horse.
    * Birds love gale-force winds.
    * That is /quite/ a hat up there.
    * Slash that giant fire flower! Slash it good!
    * Okay, less fire flower than serpent head, but, y’know. Either way.
    * Waka is hot, but also annoying.
    * Those dogs need some careful watching.
    * When in doubt, saaaaave.
    * …I am now grimly thinking of the many many times My Time At Portia has crashed on me. And that game won’t /let/ you save; saves are done only by sleeping to end the day.
    * Ah, back to the fishing.
    * That does not look fine at all.

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