1 thought on “Let’s Replay – Valkyria Chronicles, Episode 12

  1. * I confess that every time a student’s pet shows up in frame during our classes, I get /completely distracted.
    * Is Largo a tramp? Inquiring minds want to know! Is he cheating on vegetables with fruits?
    * Oh, right, that battle we died at a lot. Back to it!
    * I was thinking we could strike them second or third, but, hey, first, that’s a good plan too.
    * –okay, from the top!
    * This time, we’re shooting tanks! Yeah!
    * Go, Jann, go! Shoot, Jann, shoot!
    * That’s our Rosie! Racist, but also murderous!
    * …..did you just die.
    * Yup.
    Engineers are 50% bullet by weight. That’s why they all look so twitchy.
    * Jann’s got great cheekbones.
    * …Nash. Sigh.
    * There’s some really good eyeliner going around.
    * Also, ‘riven camp’ is a great use of the perfective passive participle to imply an entire subordinate clause, y’know?
    * Less talking, Rosie, more shooting!
    * Jann, Jann, he’s our man! If he can’t do it, we’re probably gonna have to reload again!
    * This world has some /tank/ problems, that’s for sure.
    * See, we do need to depend on Jann.
    * That appears to be a special command, yeah.
    * “I don’t like him, but I don’t want him to die!” describes a surprising number of people in the news these days.
    * So you’re saying they’re… thermal exhaust ports?
    * Oh, Faldio, we don’t blame you. She’s super-powered, and you’re still very hot.
    * And here’s our superhero enemy! We’re in trouble!
    * And now it’s time for some DEATH.
    * “That’s fine,” we say, over the exploded tank image.
    * No! Jann! Our most competent person of late!
    * Nice ducking, Rosie. Our second most competent person!
    * Rosie: Longing for murder, Thwarted by dust.
    * That was a very bizarre scream-and-collapse.
    * You didn’t explode that time, good job!
    * Oh no, it’s the glowing blue lady.
    * I guess we were presuming to destroy his tank? Or something?
    * Dude, we love you, but don’t shoot at your own commander.
    * …yeah I’m pretty sure you only have three turns to tag in a medic on folks, or they’re dead-dead.
    * rabblerabblerabble
    * No, not his pride! It’s his favorite organ!
    * She’s so cool. Why isn’t she on /our/ side?
    * …and now she’s poinging our missiles away.
    * Hey, you’re a smug classist! Maybe you’d get along with our smug racists! Let’s try–wait, on second thought, maybe not.
    * SAVE.
    * Anyway, back to the opera house.
    * Heck, I’m exhausted just watching this! …or maybe that’s because it’s almost midnight.
    * …metal allergy is… well… at least he’s not an engineer?
    * I love Yoko immediately.
    * …okay, but how did the world of Skies of Arcadia get, like, continents again?

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