1 thought on “Let’s Replay – Valkyria Chronicles, Episode 11

  1. * It’s time to fight a very! large! tank!
    * …Largo’s Passion, huh. Is it for baking?
    * Wait. Is it really baking?
    * So that’s why they destroyed our beloved peasant windmill!
    * Okay so it’s not baking but. Uh.
    * Is this where we unlock his secret ultimate weapon, a corn cob lance?
    * Spinach is great! …is this how we got the spinach festival.
    * My spouse also loves potatoes. Fervently. But he /also/ likes sweet potatoes.
    * In this mission, you must carefully /not/ shoot any vegetables.
    * Good luck /indeed/.
    * I wonder how closely potatoes are related to sweet potatoes.
    * Sky gifts are amazing, it’s true.
    * Except for when you drop them in the river, in which case they are very sad.
    * I don’t think he’s gonna sit again /ever/, much less for a week, unless he’s posed at his funeral.
    * Those… those poor vegetables…
    * At least right now he’s loving nature while walking through it and not rolling a tank through it.
    * Believe in the vegetables HARDER.
    * Y’know, when you put it that way, I can totally see her putting this in as a sort of humor piece.
    * Between Animal Crossing, murder, potatoes, and possibly a passing cat, it’s not always clear who’s being addressed or what’s being reacted to right now, and frankly that’s hilarious.
    * It looked for a moment like you were about to fling a grenade into Largo’s back.
    * ….tank? Where tank?
    * Maybe it’s a weretank, which would explain how it could sneak up on us like that.
    * Now I want ice cream.
    * …huh. I could totally use ice cream for my liquid the next time I make muffins. Hmmm.
    * If I could /ever get yeast/, I would totally try that peanut butter bread concept.
    * If you eat enough vegetables, you become immortal. Trufax.
    * And then if you eat an animal that ate a vegetable, you get even MORE nature into you!
    * This is sounding filthier the further you go.
    * You can make wine out of just about /anything/, so long as it’s got some starch in there to break down. Rice wine, forex.
    * There’s flower cross-breeding!

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