1 thought on “Let’s Replay – Okami, Episode 9

  1. * Let’s go grow! some! flowers!
    * Or deal with the mob, sure.
    * Tom Nook is an oddly generous capitalist. I mean, no interest no payment schedule loans on very reasonably priced construction where he does all the labor! That’s pretty sweet!
    * GASP. How can he not have seen it?
    * That’s a lot of thoughts!
    * Oh gosh I love these birds so much.
    * No, no, not ‘thank goodness she’s safe’, it’s ‘thank god she’s safe’, and the god-dog in question is right there.
    * I keep misreading Chun’s name as ‘Chum’ in this font, and wow, that’s a very different word.
    * You know, if you’re a sparrow, maybe rats are the equivalent of shop cats.
    * Kitty loves your boots.
    * I just made a bamboo doll in Animal Crossing, and it was almost as weird as this guy.
    * This… this is a weird minigame, I would go bonkers trying to play it, but I’m loving it when someone else does it.
    * I miss hot springs.
    * …is that a bomb.
    * It’s… a snake in a bottle. Sure! Why not!
    * That is an extremely sad sparrow who lost a dog. So many lost dogs around here.
    * Aw, we’ve found your puppy! …now we need to send him far far away to his real owner. Sorry.
    * But first, DOGFIGHT
    * The Duty Orb sounds like what you call a magic eight ball that’s been edited to decide who does the dishes when you shake it.
    * Festivals are great! Now I want a hot dog.
    * Hot dogs are what broke my vegetarian streak as a child. I tried! But… community potluck with barbecued burgers and hot dogs. The hot dogs called to me. They really did.
    * You know what they say… that’s a whoppah!
    * Can’t be a salmon, I don’t see a salmon ladder.
    * Never fear, the sake-problem-fixer is here!
    * That’s us. The dog. The dog that fixes sake problems.
    * Let’s go make Susano handle it!
    * I don’t think bears are traditionally beasts of burden. Except for that one in the army that used to carry ammo cases around. I can’t remember which army. Finnish?
    * Hey, glider orcs!
    * Straaaaaange sword times, buddy.
    * I’ve gotta friend you in Animal Crossing! It’s gonna be so cool! Blathers is the BEST!
    * Everyone is very sad about their dogs. And understandably so.
    * Is that a rabbit with a hammer?
    * IT IS
    * Ume! You’ve been… inside a fish the whole time!
    * ….what…
    * Awwww. I’m glad he’s staying with his dumb kid.
    * I worry about that bear.
    * But you do great Garbo & Malloy voices, at least!
    * Uncurse that zone. Uncurse it good.
    * Bulbasaur is a little upsetting, it’s true.
    * You guys /really/ need to do a Pokemon LP at some point. Let’s Go Eevee, Pokemon Sword, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX… So many options!
    * This dog wants to PARTY.
    * Oh, no. He wants to fight. No aprty.
    * …WHAT.
    * Hey, there’s a touching emotional moment! Less pee talk!
    * Aw. THat is indeed a Good Dog.

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