1 thought on “Let’s Replay Okami – Episode 8

  1. * Changing colors is finicky.
    * Oh, right, the sparrows!
    * Oh no, kidnapped sparrow child!
    * Yay, you fell into the right place!
    * Can you imagine cat agility trials, though? I mean, they do something /kinda/ like that in some cat show circuits, but it’s /very/ small scale and low requirements, and mostly a test of being able to convince your cat to do a few things on request.
    * You sure bombed that lady!
    * Huh. Unless you can break the roof open further, I’m sorta stumped.
    * No! Your precious inks!
    * No! Our beloved peasant shrine priest!
    * …is our beloved peasant warrior possessed?
    * Right now I look at Mr. Bamboo and just think about how I need more bamboo shoots so that I can harvest more bamboo on my island while spring bamboo is still dropping to get the seasonal sets built…
    * …Ammy looks /naked/ now. It is SO WEIRD.
    * That is the saddest glower girl.
    * I meant flower girl, but I’m leaving it like that.
    * Aw, Princess Fuse, it’s okay! There’s a dog here to save you!
    * Wow. Literally possessed, yeah.
    * That dog’s pretty agile, gotta admit.
    * Oh thank god we at least have our basic god outfit on again.
    * That noble hound, trapped in this cave by… uh… hunger?
    * That hound isn’t noble at all!
    * I didn’t know that passing on the teachings of Buddha involved so many flying angry fish.
    * These dogs have gotten into some really odd places.
    * I’m starting to wonder if the Princess has been feeding them properly. Given when they hear their master calling, they /don’t/ run home.
    * Mrs. Plum, your face is… uh… okay maybe it’s not polite to say anything.
    * Radar’s getting hyyyyyyyped.
    * Possessed dog?
    * He’s a boxin’ dog!
    * Dog, this is a bit much. We just came to say your mom was calling.
    * Naughty! Doggies!
    * Those dogs are definitely lost. And/or naughty.
    * Explain yourself, monkeys!
    * Ah, another Unique Blockhead.
    * aaaaaaaaaaaaaaugh
    * …..aaaaaaaa…………………….
    * ….ground.
    * Hey, the bitches don’t count, they were literal.
    * I was not a fan of The Black Cauldron movie either.
    * Murder Cranes! Woo!
    * Gosh, they have a lot of skulls handy to toss around.
    * Aw, sparrow girl! You’re so sweet! Let’s hug!
    * So, several dogs later, we’re finally back to delivering this sparrow to other sparrows to get bamboo to… I don’t remember why we want bamboo.
    * Yes, attack your father, Chun! Show him who’s really boss!
    * My dog eats fish! It means he has fish breath, which is not great, but at least he’s less itchy.
    * Go! Eat foods!

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