1 thought on “Let’s Replay – Okami, Episode 6

  1. * Voooooolume.
    * But never mind that, it’s time for you to SAVE THAT DOG.
    * Mmmm, coke products.
    * …I would totally drink those coke products.
    * Deer also appreciate midnight snacks.
    * You are exceedingly correct to dunk on him.
    * …oh, HOMINY. I thought you were trying to buy harmony, and was confused for a bit.
    * This cave is full of dubious trees.
    * Stop jumping in the nyquil, puppy!
    * Seriously, Link is more of a babe in each installment.
    * Oh, that reminds me that I haven’t finished watching your Dishonored 2 LP. I need to figure out where I left off and get to it again.
    * I love how every time Issun says ‘you totally can’t do this’ you immediately try it.
    * …is that an evil flower bud?
    * Oh, yeah, there was totally a plant-growing spell, but you could only use it in specific places.
    * Wait, what was that big glowing crack back there?
    * Ah, a bomb spot. Excellent. Let’s break more things!
    * That door has an eye.
    * And a mouth.
    * I can see why he’s called a blockhead.
    * Ah, an exorcising arrow! As opposed to an exercising arrow, which is part of an expensive complete proprietary fitness package.
    * Oh yeah that save point tells us something. And not just about zucchini.
    * What a good suplexing dog!
    * Yeah, take out the evil vomiting statues!
    * The entrance in that statue is certainly in a… place.
    * There shoudl definitely be more victory music in life.
    * He’s not spiderman, he’s… night monkey.
    * Bark at that candle! Show it who’s boss!
    * Can’t leave until we save this remarkably peripatetic dog.
    * Hey, my dog makes that pose too.
    * One spider fight later… PUPPY.
    * I’m not sure I agree with Issun’s advice, but, well, it seems to be working for this kid.
    * …well, I’m confused by that sequence, but it sure was actiony.

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