1 thought on “Let’s Replay – Okami, Episode 4

  1. * Let’s go look! at this! field!
    * Aw yeah, hit that dude with trees. Hit him good. Tree him like woah.
    * These rabbits have culinary standards.
    * That… that’s more butt than I wanted in this game.
    * Is that angel a koi? Or maybe vice versa?
    * So many flower explosions…
    * I feel like the worst dog for fireworks would be, like, setting them on fire in the house.
    * Bomb Friend is friend to all wolves!
    * (Hi, Jane! My dog is sulking because I’m not petting him right now.)
    * Awww, explosive light raining from the heavens.
    * Is that a bison on a–nope, it’s a PIG on a BALL and it has BABIES and you’re all in the same COLOR SCHEME and it’s GLORIOUS.
    * Bakugami is my new favorite star.
    * ….DEFINITELY my favorite star.
    * (I mean, you say we don’t do slapstick in Christianity, but you should totally read some medieval plays where it’s all about shepherds playing pranks on each other before Sudden Baby Jesus at the end. Or the Sega game I had where Noah got to carry animals around on his head to fill up the ark, and I kept getting coconuts thrown at me by monkeys, or knocked off ledges by snakes…)
    * …oh my.
    * That is the sturdiest leaf pile I’ve seen in some time.
    * Fruit for the fruit wolf! Bombs for the bomb throne!
    * Just try bombing all the statues and maybe it’ll work well.
    * Doooooog on the run. Doooooog on the run.
    * I don’t think it’s good for the drums to spin them into the ground like that so often.
    * Is that a sushi teacher?
    * Aw yeah educate us up Professor Eel.
    * I wish I had a signature stamp. They seem so cool.
    * Go lick! that! sword!
    * They made a Yogi Bear /movie/? I am just gonna assume it was dreadful.
    * I dunno what’s up with that statue. Try bombing it.
    * Dogs like holes. Dogs must therefore like caves. So probably dogs like… finding missing caves?
    * You know, there’s a term for a wolf that murders for money.
    * And that term is PUPPY, you are so CUTE, you are the BEST.
    * These scrolls are amazing. I love ’em so.
    * This demon has not been arrowed enough. Try biting!
    * Caves come in every size. Don’t cave-shame.
    * Oh, you already did. Still.
    * If you bark at that boat, it’ll probably float again.
    * I can’t believe you missed a tree. You can’t expect a tree to just grow on its own without magical power.

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