1 thought on “Let’s Replay – Okami, Episode 3

  1. * Back in the wolfing again!
    * God levels!
    * Awww, those goblins are having so much fun. Let’s party with the monsters and WOAH okay invitation-only, I get it, I get it.
    * Bob Ross would not approve of that tree.
    * …. Mario ….. blood …….?
    * All the bad guys have such great tunes.
    * The sudden burst of piracy confuses us all.
    * Suns should! not! frown!
    * I’ve heard that if you bark at trees enough, they grow faster.
    * I am kinda baffled by the whole Susano thing. But I love this bear. I love this bear so much.
    * That poor bear. It was napping, and you did /this/. It was mildly inconvenienced! For seconds! You monster.
    * Bear’s got no time for this nonsense.
    * Sacred spheres are the happiest spheres.
    * See? Barking DOES work on trees!
    * That hatted ape seems pretty cool.
    * Aw, look at all those lovely blossoms. Very pretty.
    * …wow, those flowers have legs! Or, like, current. It’s very satisfying indeed.
    * Thus drummers are irate.
    * PIGS
    * You have achieved the power of… RAPID GARDENING.
    * Animal Crossing is very different! It’s like… Harvest Moon without farming? And in real time?
    * Oh believe me monkeys TOTALLY eat meat. They are very omnivorous. Like dogs!
    * I mean, some primates do, anyway. Gorillas are vegetarian. Chimpanzees will go on cannibalism raids against other tribes.
    * A very pretty clover!
    * God this whole game is so, so pretty.
    * That seems…. bad.
    * But that seems good! Good job, dog! What a good puppy!
    * Yay, we’ve saved Sakuya!
    * Everyone is very chill about the shopping wolf with a fiery disc rotating on her back.
    * Haaaaaappy little pigs shall praise you.
    * You broke that goblin’s lute. You monster.
    * Now those, on the other hand, are bunnies that Bob Ross would enjoy.

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