1 thought on “Start to Finish – Let’s Play Skies of Arcadia, Episode 66

  1. * Time to beat up more orphans!
    * I can’t recall what the black spot means here. I guess it’s a way of summoning an assassin?
    * Piastol! Wait a second! We need to tell you about your long-lost little sister, who stole all the good name karma in your family!
    * I am the worst at being my star sign or my Chinese zodiac birth year or my blood type stereotype or my–yeah. So.
    * Hi, Jane! awwwww kitty
    * Aw, Piastol, a good therapist would tell you it’s time to set new goals and move on.
    * Let’s attack these bereaved sailors! It’ll be cool!
    * Voluntary marriage! See! Proof!
    * That is a very sensible approach to proposals and I admire it.
    * I bet the place at the state fair that always has a big exhibit for their bespoke doghouses and playhouses would totally do a bespoke chicken coop.
    * Fashion Week isn’t crazy enough!
    * One hour? ONE hour? Yeesh.
    * Give us the ultimate dumb!
    * ….sneaker… legend… ?
    * Yeah, I think this is just the ‘way outside of my experience’ thing.
    * That one is definitely the Frenchest one.
    * …is it dog cloning?
    * Oh, bespoke dog houses are downright normal. It’s the /cost/ of that one that makes it a bit much.
    * Utah! At least it’s not Oklahoma!
    * Battle! All! The ships!
    * These poor sailors/pirates. They just fight you forever.
    * Go get those chests! From the start!

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