1 thought on “Start to Finish – Let’s Play Skies of Arcadia, Episode 65

  1. * So, we’ve pretty much won already, right?
    * I guess we kinda still need to fight this continent.
    * Maybe everyone else would’ve been happy to get inside smoothly. BUT NOT VYSE.
    * That robot bell is pretty hostile, it’s true.
    * Woo, swearing!
    * The lols, for the ethical ramifications, sure, either way, Gilder is awesome, but… I think Enrique /has/ to be in this fight if he can be.
    * So many NPC on our fancy giant ship!
    * They… they sure are polishing those missiles, huh.
    * Into the party, Enrique!
    * I totally believe that Teodora can get it on. Well. That she could.
    * Yay, more 55 days of Disney! I may need an index or something, because I’m not always good at catching up on Twitter.
    * The grenade-launcher ending is only available in the Director’s Cut of that movie.
    * Or they’re castrated male reindeer! Because the gelded reindeer shed their antlers on the same schedule as the female reindeer. Fun fact!
    * I don’t wanna play weird games! I outsource my weird game playing to other people.
    * Someone in the chat room already handled telling you what that pokemon is, I think.
    * Oh yeah, Metagross, that sounds about right.
    * A schnauzer named Professor would be great.
    * oooo, tabletop RPG!
    * NEW DICE YAY (share pics)
    * ….time for what?
    * Lord Bane? What?
    * Those pipes are very impressive, it’s true.
    * I should remember who the Bane Buddies are but I have honestly forgotten.
    * I mean, for certain values of ‘great’, even if the music doesn’t believe you.
    * I’m starting to believe the music’s grading scale.
    * Dracoslyth is very pretty. I wonder if she’ll join our party.
    * I dunno! I haven’t seen the show. It doesn’t seem like my sort of thing. I guess I might some day.
    * Mind beams… focusing…….
    * …Smurfs? Really?
    * When I was a child, I was a passionate fan of the Gummi Bears cartoon.
    * Non-story ship battles? Hm. I wonder if you can still have those at this point.
    * oh god the horror fish is SO BIG
    * Flashback! In which Ramirez wasn’t yet a /complete/ monster.
    * I think you’d need to put wire in the scarf to do that.
    * This is why they had an official sketch artist following them around to capture these dramatic scenes.
    * Ramirez is kinda melodramatic, isn’t he.
    * Setting the room on fire does seem like an overreaction.
    * Ramirez is /such/ a bigot. “Well, one human was bad to other humans, so that means ALL HUMANS ARE TERRIBLE FOREVER.”
    * He saved some small child from a burning wreck, and then just… never followed up with the other survivors? Okay then.
    * Maria really got all the normal name luck in that family, huh.
    * How many fish can it hold? What’s it going to evolve into?
    * …is this bird Fina’s cousin?
    * And by ‘take care of’ you mean ‘bring fish by once in a while’, sooooooo.

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