1 thought on “Start to Finish – Let’s Play Skies of Arcadia, Episode 64

  1. * I think it’s snowing again here.
    * I do mean to go see Frozen 2, but right now I’m more interested in watching Gilder snark.
    * That laundry is gonna get /heckin dry/ in all this wind.
    * Hey, Ramirez is a makeup trend-setter here.
    * Galcian has some great expressions when he’s being nefarious.
    * Aw yeah, sky fortrii.
    * Get that guv got, pirates!
    * This is totally a ‘show off your epic abilities’ prelude to the serious fight, and I love it.
    * Ha, I thought you were going to say you’re /warmer/ with these floors. Poor zapped Jane.
    * “And the Double-Shaft!” “Here Gilder, hold this.” Okay, I literally cackled out loud at that.
    * Enrique, is there something you want to share with the class?
    * …/Gilder/.
    * mmmm. drugs.
    * Oh yes. There’s definitely a sense of having scaled up your opposition.
    * Oh I could /explain/ why Enrique is my favorite character. He’s the BEST.
    * Shit. Yeah. He’s dealing with a lot.
    * Well that’s a heckin cannon.
    * Plug your thing!
    * [attempts to copy this Twitter username out: museedesre….s?]
    * Okay I’m just gonna ask for help elsewhere.
    * Anyway, I look forward to reading this. It sounds interesting!
    * I wonder if there are any mainline Disney animated movies that I haven’t seen. There must be one or two /somewhere/. Have you read Mari Ness’s rewatch of them, with essays on both the movies and the stories they were based on? Really fascinating stuff there.
    * The movie of Pinnochio is so weird, and yet not half as weird as the book. In some ways, it makes more sense when you realize, like Gulliver’s Travels, it’s mostly social/political satire that keeps getting recast as winsome children’s story.
    * You have, to return to the story, done a good job toasting that sucker. But not toasted enough.
    * Also? I like how Gilder is introduced as a sort of comedy one-note character who’s handy, and now he’s clearly the Adult In The Room, while also clearly not being the one who is in charge.
    * New drugs for Vyse!
    * I honestly still have no idea what vocal fry is and can’t understand why people fuss over it.
    * Aw yeah, deck stabbing time!
    * Captain America has a shiny shield and a slightly naive but sincere approach to ethics and, as was pointed out a few times, America’s Ass.
    * I’m pretty okay!
    * It sounds like you /are/ making the rules, right there.
    * Ah, save point rooms, HINT HINT.
    * Oh that engine would have the boxing match coming.
    * …awww. Don’t kick down the door.
    * The first rule of girdle club is that you don’t talk about girdle club.
    * Damn, this music.
    * Terminal is…. a thing all right.
    * tecum pugnare audeamus!
    * Oh, Galcian, you know, you didn’t have to do this personally. But so much arrogance!
    * The head detaches and goes FWIP away.
    * …holy shit she did /that/ maneuver?
    * Those… those are the right expressions, guys. (Though cheering also works.)
    * Oh right. The continent that is also a giant angry robot.
    * Wait, what exactly is falling from the moon this time?
    * Yeah, take a little responsibility, Elders.
    * PERHAPS?
    * Adverb, this is not the emotional moment in which I want my dog yelling randomly at the door.
    * The silence here, however, /is/ appropriate.
    * That /sound effect/.
    * Well. Fina’s ready. Let’s get this show on the road.
    * I am so ready for next episode! …and clearing up all those leftover bits before hte final /final/ final.

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