1 thought on “Let’s Play Celeste, Episode 21

  1. * Here we are again, still on the mountain.
    * Find the… thing?
    * Those doorbell sounds are going to haunt my dreams. Somehow, those always seem to be the finickiest puzzles.
    * Well, I can’t give any advice, because I don’t understand these sorts of games, but good luck.
    * you did the thing!
    * Coach is sending you back in. To die. Again. Lots.
    * Oops! Death!
    * This crystal maze, unlike the game show, is full of horror and death.
    * I really would love to see one of those classic Dragon Quest games, since I haven’t seen /any/ of them, and seeing you and Meghan do Skies of Arcadia, which you played before, was a lot of fun. I’d also love to see you play a Pokemon game some time. Any of them! There are so many spinoffs. Including–oo, if you can record from the Switch, Chocobo’s Dungeon is available there now. It’s got turn-based random dungeon crawls, and character jobs, and you play a chocobo, and the plot is /terrible/, I love it so much.
    * I really like watching you play these, but also hearing you talk about them. It is /totally/ like turn-based multiplayer game stuff all over again, isn’t it?
    * You did the thing!
    * I love seeing your Other Self give you that boost when you jump again.
    * …hey! I liked Buffy!
    * I will enjoy food! Because I care about food!
    * Oh that series of falling platforms is great.

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