1 thought on “Start to Finish – Let’s Play Skies of Arcadia, Episode 63

  1. * Yay, it’s crime time!
    * Oh, right, this dude exists. Let’s murder him.
    * Vigaro is… yeah.
    * Anyway, let’s murder him!
    * Dude’s not dead enough yet. Why did you stop?
    * GROSS.
    * This sure is a walkway all right.
    * Yup, looks like they’re ready to destroy the world, all right.
    * Yay, new pokemon!
    * I just want to hear Gilder’s “No hard feelings!” close once after we straight-up murder a major opponent.
    * I see they’ve broken out the Gigamax Pokemon in this game too, huh.
    * There are a /lot/ of pokemon, so my answer is ‘some’.
    * “If only a cut-scene had not prevented us from taking any useful action!”
    * We are now /literally/ on rails.
    * That looks. Big.
    * I didn’t know islands /could/ fall.
    * Nice catch, Aika! …and oh man that seems. Bad.
    * Isapa, you are quite correct there.
    * ….what the hell.
    * We’re gonna need a bigger boat. And/or island.
    * They’re doing a very good job of conveying utterly terrifying scale.
    * Ramirez is so happy to get a chance to murder folks indiscriminately.
    * Get to the rain shelter, puppy!
    * Okay, Enrique, could you maybe Justice Shield the, uh, world?
    * Dammit, I’ve been watching a Final Fantasy VI LP, and I don’t need another game where the world gets destroyed! It’s depressing!
    * Alfonso, you could at least pretend you’re running for help or something.
    * Enrique! Try to not die! Have you considered justice-shielding your ship!
    * ….well that’s not great.
    * Oh, your mom was in there, wasn’t she. Oof.
    * Enrique, buddy. I’m so sorry.
    * Maybe the bed will protect us from the rains of destruction!
    * Oh, Moegi, I forgot you were there, but I’m glad you are.
    * Drachma!
    * He’s here to hunt whales and kick ass, and he’s all out of whales.
    * Clara! You’re still terrifying! Gordo! I completely forgot you existed! Centime! I sort of vaguely remember you!
    * Baltor! You’re still trying to be super cool!
    * Daigo! Okay I gotta stop exclaiming at everyone.
    * DAD! (Okay, last exclamation, I swear.)
    * Belleza makes a fairly good point.
    * Belleza, I hope you mean ‘comfort’ in a very normal platonic way.
    * Well that was a very inspiring get-together but everyone is very sad and now I’m sad.

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