1 thought on “Start to Finish – Let’s Play Skies of Arcadia, Episode 62

  1. * At least they’re the good drugs, right?
    * He’s a roguish pirate, of course he wants drugs.
    * Now that’s commitment to reviewing videos! …some commitment, anyway.
    * Fish cakes are delicious, when done properly.
    * It sounds like you were thinking of… like… fish tofu. Which isn’t a thing.
    * I think if I had to work for one of these guys, I’d go for Alfonzo. Like, he’s kinda lazy, and after a certain point you know to just not stand too near to him.
    * I mean, it’s a meritocracy of evil, but it is a sort of meritocracy!
    * I have changed my rankings: pray I do not change them further.
    * Oh, man, I’d almost forgotten about Figaro. Possibly deliberately.
    * I don’t have much of a sense of what Belleza would be like to work for.
    * I can just imagine the reactions of the soldiers when they get assigned to various generals.
    * You know, one of the most soothing things for me to watch is someone grinding at a good JRPG with occasional chatting. I would love to see that, because I haven’t seen /any/ of the main-line games from that series.
    * Thomas and Cecile were so good together.
    * Pre-death sex is the best sex!
    * Hey, I’m still watching!
    * It makes me feel old to think of Baldur’s Gate 2 as ‘very old’.
    * Yeah, relationship modeling in games is /hard/. Especially if you want to leave some sort of player choice in, but also make it satisfying.
    * That sounds like my relationship experience in Skyrim too.
    * Part of the thing about the cut-scene thing is that it feels more like you’re seeing the relationship develop over time, even if you’re handing over gifts to get to them. Because the story bits you get don’t seem to be /about/ the gift-giving.

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