1 thought on “Start to Finish – Let’s Play Skies of Arcadia, Episode 61

  1. * Fish! That! Moon!
    * Yeah, now that we’ve been to the literal moon, discovered the terrible backstory truth, and had the main villains betray their respective masters in unison, it does seem rather endgameish.
    * I begin to believe ‘flailing on the ground’ sailor is just doing his daily exercise routine. It’s all the rage these days! We call it the Flail Method!
    * Let’s dhabu the heck out of this place.
    * I remember this location! And this location! And… not so much that one. And this location!
    * dog statues are very pattable.
    * No looking at cats! Only ladders!
    * Jane has specific preferences for specific interactions. She is a specialist.
    * Khale! Spice of the gods!
    * I just want to see the joy on Aika’s face when you eat an enormous–oh. You don’t get to see the eating.
    * It is time for… the MEATS.
    * Yeah, I’d play that game too.
    * I should not laugh at the death of the elderly, but sometimes…
    * Those former soldiers. So degenerate.
    * Skewer Mom is just the worst.
    * Train! To! Adventure!
    * Taste this skewer, lady.
    * Esparanza, you can do so much better than this relationship.
    * Yay, cool new ability! I anticipate!
    * …wow, the phrase usually goes the other way around, but that is a /completely accurate/ statement, Gilder.
    * You are getting toward the end game, indeed!

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