1 thought on “Let’s Play Celeste, Episode 20

  1. * It’s time for more spikes! And other such things.
    * You say ‘the bad room’ as if there’s only one.
    * Spike mountain turns out to be a mountain of spikes.
    * The music here remains amazing.
    * Wait, skip what? Skip the what now?
    * You are experienced with games!
    * Strawberry geeeeet.
    * Well, you’ve made it this far, you’ll be fine!
    * Hi, Jane!
    * Your cat isn’t as good at checking the time for you as your wife is.
    * …oh god, you’er right, this isn’t even the B-side yet.
    * Now to die /properly/ on your way to that strawberry.
    * That strawberry is so deep. So complex.
    * Gotta nom them all!

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