1 thought on “Start to Finish – Let’s Play Skies of Arcadia, Episode 60

  1. * …journal!
    * Aikavision: The Game would be amazing.
    * Scottish twitter is terrifying and amazing.
    * Enrique uses almost as many ellipses as Fina does.
    * That ship is indeed weird-ass.
    * She’s right. That’s lounging. Like I used to do in the back of pick-up trucks!
    * …can… can we breathe up here.
    * …we’re…. on the moon.
    * Fina, were you, like, raised in a box? For some reason?
    * …are the Elders, like, your mom and dad? Are you a single remaining family and he’s your brother?
    * This is all very scifi.
    * Running around like this makes it sound like Fina is speaking ethereally in our head.
    * Enrique would think this was amazing but he would also be vomiting constantly.
    * Yeah, maybe put a shirt on that dude.
    * If you have to dramatically flounce, come to Minnesota! It’s slightly chilled!
    * Hey, it wasn’t a weapon for Guilder.
    * Rain falls down. If it goes up, it would have to be, like, the steam of destruction.
    * I’m still pretty sure the Chamber Of Elders is just, like, her mom and dad.
    * Maybe they have robot ears that tunes out the hum.
    * O hyes you should totally have a Hall Of Knowledge.
    * Hey, this guy spent a lot of time putting together this 3D Powerpoint presentation, and you kids are damn well gonna watch it.
    * “Well, Council of Elders, we’ve looked at the proposal for a humanitarian mission, and–wait, no, counter-proposal, kill everyone and see what happens. Let’s do that and see what happens! Can’t see any problems with this plan, eh? If it doesn’t turn out the way we like, we can always do it again.”
    * Hey, clearly the solution for atrocities is /painful global destruction/.
    * The solution for death: MORE DEATH.
    * Also, this new world of, like, six old men and a handful of teens is only gonna get you so far.
    * Dude, we were having a /moment/ here.
    * I mean, yeah, might as well just swing over to the Room of Old Dudes and stab one, compared to chasing around the young woman with magic and with weapon-carrying friends.
    * Well, anyway. It was nice visiting your home, Fina. Back to saving the world!
    * But first, let’s tour our repaired home base!
    * It’s so hard to get good weapon merchant help these days.
    * Hercules has a lot of good moments. I’m not sure the /whole/ movie is my favorite, but it’s got lots of amazing highlights.
    * Anyway, let’s fish this creepy bird.
    * Next time, apparently, MORE FISH.

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