1 thought on “Let’s Play Celeste, Episode 19

  1. * That’s a lot of death all right.
    * Those eyeball flying goldfish sure are jerks.
    * I begin to suspect the bat/fish are not, in fact, your friends.
    * It’s true, I was secretly responsible for that death. THat one right there.
    * Theo, you’re right, this is a non-canonical AU.
    * Yeah, I’m with Theo. That is clearly impossible.
    * Giant pulsing heart!
    * And now, back down into the water.
    * It is a room of weird colored crystals! Obvs.
    * Wait, what? What happened?
    * I think there’s a music response…
    * You did the thing! The third thing!
    * Heavy /and/ frail. Huh.
    * Hey, skipping the stuff you’ve solved before anyway seems fair.
    * I’m a subscriber! But I only comment here.
    * Tips! Of! Mystery!
    * Well, that’s technically a floor of sorts.
    * …what… who….. PEOPLE?
    * Next! Time!

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