1 thought on “Let’s Play Celeste, Episode 18

  1. * Is this episode going to have pie????
    * I don’t know where you are but you sure are there.
    * The key in question is very cool, it’s true.
    * Oooo, secret basement with locked door!
    * Yes! Pie!
    * Everyone’s here for pie!
    * And the pie is great!
    * Now back to leaping into spikes, as is traditional.
    * Janelle Monae is amazing! Often not quite to my taste, but I can tell she’s got amazing skill even when it’s not my style.
    * I’m so confused about the mechanics of what you’re doing, but it sure looks cool. Aside from the death on spikes part, which just looks normal.
    * Yes, focusing on your RPG campaign, as is right and proper.
    * Yeah, don’t die! …too often. Dying a little is fine, you do it all the time.
    * …what the hell. That room of spikes is just. Too much.
    * Doing a lot of internal screaming while watching this spike hell.
    * No one loves you, spike!
    * Spooooooookiness!
    * You do always have the option of the assists!

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