1 thought on “Start to Finish – Let’s Play Skies of Arcadia, Episode 59

  1. * Ah, back to De Loco.
    * Button!
    * Well, we noticed /that/.
    * He’s clearly much better at making weird machines than at using them.
    * So is he, like, dead? Really dead?
    * Huh. Guess he is.
    * Enrique probably didn’t like that guy anyway.
    * Who’s angry at us this time?
    * I have forgotten Baltor entirely.
    * Well, they didn’t last long.
    * Enrique… We’ll miss you… don’t nobly sacrifice yourself at the climax or anything…
    * We ARE the pirate king!
    * Clara… found him. There /is/ no escape.
    * I want to see that strawberry pie video, but she also makes a good point.
    * A great party! There’s a turkey, and bread, and… fish… pizza? And maybe a tomato salad? But also wine!
    * Oh, and what looks like a big bowl of chili.
    * …flowers? Okay, do you guys eat nothing but wheat, or what?
    * Aren’t you going home, Fina? Do they in fact keep you i cold storage until you’re needed? Seriously, fling the crystals from the ship on a fly-by and–
    * Oh, thank goodness, we’re being attacked.
    * Well, time to stab some folks!
    * Nice backlit in flames evil blond shot, there.
    * Even if it’s an unwinnable fight, we’ll put in a good showing.
    * That silver eclipse is certainly a….. thing.
    * Ramirez sure is having fun grabbing crystals for his dark purposes and all that.
    * Yeah, Galcian’s evil wasn’t /petty/.
    * Well that’s reminiscent of true runes and all.
    * Awww, they’re bonding over shooting at the villain!
    * OUr precious pirate base! And we spent so much time upgrading it, too….
    * Okay, step one, we get Enrique back…
    * Gotta reassure all your Sad Subordinates.
    * Poor Fina. This is a lot to deal with.
    * Awwwww look at those adorable birds frolicking madly everywhere.
    * I’m sort of surprised Alfonso isn’t just sticking with whoever seems strongest.
    * …Meghan, I can hear you singing, and that was… very appropriate.
    * Ah! I thought you just hadn’t come back.
    * Awwww, I wish Id’ heard you.
    * I bet I missed so many chipmunk facts or what not.
    * No, no, I /heard/ Circle of LIfe! I just thought you were in the kitchen or some such.
    * Gasp! Enrique!
    * Awww, the empress is so happy to have her kid back.
    * I mean, this is clearly the problem with hereditary monarchy. You may be trained from childhood, but that doesn’t mean you’re /good/ at it. Especially given how hard it is to fire your monarch.
    * We have to break so many people out of prison in this game. It’s not a bad theme.
    * I believe in that lost hilarity! I do!

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