1 thought on “Let’s Play Celeste, Episode 17

    * no, the opposite, but just as bad.
    * Jumping, how does it work?
    * I’m confused!
    * At least we’re both confused together.
    * You got through that! eventually!
    * Watching you jump off the iceballs is great.
    * You escaaaaaaped. Into a… heart ruin room?
    * Oh now the sky /is/ falling.
    * This back and forth is /amazing/.
    * Once again, ‘go REALLY fast’ turns out to be the solution.
    * …there’s a b-side to THAT?
    * …Ooo. Weird floaty balconies.
    * What a strange place. And we have found the heart.
    * The mirror temple is very mirror-y.
    * I kinda love it when you valiantly launch yourself directly into spikes. Like, don’t, but it’s still funny!
    * Mysterious crystal caves!
    * And by ‘crystal’ we mean ‘spike’.
    * Another B-side, aw yeah!
    * You solved the heck out of that strawberry creation problem.
    * Sooooooup. It’s good soup weather.

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