1 thought on “Start to Finish – Let’s Play Skies of Arcadia, Episode 58

  1. * Man, I need to turn up the volume so much higher lately. Maybe because the heat is running all the time now?
    * Something about the 15F high today or the like.
    * Woo, drugs!
    * It’s time to bottom even harder! …wait no.
    * NO! ENRIQUE!
    * Oh right he has a love interest or something. That’s right. Her.
    * A little too on the nose, yeah.
    * What…. what is….
    * Ah, a headhunting child in a giant cat robot. Sure. Fine.
    * …do not fall in love with us, headhunting child.
    * …wait, this is an old man?
    * Okay, time for stoooooooorm music!
    * Enrique is totally the only guy who read the manual.
    * Yaaaaaay, we can send Fina home too? We’re gonna lose all our friends.
    * Hey, it’s De Loco! Mr. From Crazy, I look forward to this showdown.
    * December first, because that’s the month the holiday is in.
    * Woo, you landed a damage!
    * Oh, you landed /the/ damage.

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