1 thought on “Start to Finish – Let’s Play Skies of Arcadia, Episode 57

  1. * Let’s go advance some plot! Or loot some merchants!
    * Don’t forget to get your soda out of the freezer.
    * Gilder! …yes of course people can put their feet on our tables, we’re /pirates/, we have no table manners.
    * Gilder’s just here to congratulate now that we’ve won.
    * Aw, Fina, you can’t leave until the text epilogues! I know how this goes.
    * I wonder if the Silvite mages is why islands and ships float.
    * Well now everyone’s gloomy. Even Gilder looks serious!
    * I still can’t believe they named that guy De Loco.
    * …I mean. I guess he’s a bit Paul Hollywood, but does it count if he never refers to a soggy bottom?
    * What’s in the tent, Vyse? WHAT IS IN THAT TENT?
    * Whack that crystal! Bounce it good!
    * Yes, never mind about plot, let’s go into the daaaaaaarkness.
    * Tragic medical backstory!
    * Yay, break the game!
    * See, this is why I was always twitching at you not using candy in NNK2. Breaking the game is so important!
    * An awesome recording studio finished basement would be great. Just make sure you have a good sump pump.
    * I mean, summers can still get toasty!
    * Oh gosh she has the secret knowledge.
    * We found all the things. ALl of them. We put flags on them. They’re ours now.
    * Okay unless something changed since I last saw you two, I’m pretty sure you both have the same number of hands.
    * Soda, darnit! …also moonfish.
    * I don’t really know how most people around me conceive of north. I do have trouble with directions sometimes because of god damn axial tilt. The angle of shadows should not change at different times of year!
    * Your meteorologists don’t do the right kind of humor. You should follow mine instead. Midwest meteorologists know what to take seriously!
    * What a suspicious island! Maybe you should loot it.
    * Alfonso, somehow still not dead.
    * Alfonso, making a weirdly good point here.
    * Moooooonfishies.
    * …how top-secret is this flagship if you’re just chatting about it casually to someone who apparently doesn’t know it?
    * I guess with no one attacking, these soldiers have nothing to do all day except gossip.
    * …cinderblock?
    * Yay, I’m glad the solo went well!
    * Enrique, please do not get your face eaten by a tank.
    * GASP
    * Objection, your honor: looting military establishments is espionage, not pirating.
    * Oh, sure, we’ll just fight this dude in person.
    * I mean, after Enrique explains that he’s not angry, just disappointed.
    * Hey, Gregorio! (…trying to remember who Gregorio is.)
    * Aw, he listened to us! …he’s totally gonna bite it.
    * Enrique needs to angst. Leave him alone. He’s having a moment.
    * Yeah, have a snack before vengeance.
    * And don’t forget your freezer soda.
    * Enrique /is/ a good boy, it’s true.
    * Construction montage! It’s like the A-Team all over again!
    * Aw, Enrique. He’s brooding.
    * That… is definitely a face in the wall.
    * That fountain terrifies me.

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