Cult of Personality – Let’s Play The Shrouded Isle, Update 6

It’s spring.


I don’t want to talk about winter, so we’re not talking about winter. You hear me? Winter never happened. Stuff your Game of Thrones jokes back in the box, because it never happened. Winter never came! Snow never crashed, or pierced, or fell on cedars! No one wanted to build a snowman! No dogs! No dwarves! LAST YEAR WAS THE LAST SNOWFALL and y’know that’s a really good Vienna Teng song and I highly recommend it. Listen to it and remember me, eaten by Chernobog just days before my 36th birthday.

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Cult of Personality – Let’s Play The Shrouded Isle, Update 5


It’s winter. I still need to encourage Penitence. I still need to find the Morbid One. And now I need to also appease House Efferson so they don’t throw me off a cliff in the middle of the night. Am I the Morbid One? I talk about dying a lot. Hmmmmm.

Well, it’s not going to get any better staring at the snowfall. Let’s go check in to see how well-seasoned my contagion-carriers are.

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