Cult of Personality – Let’s Play The Shrouded Isle, Update 2

If I’m going to be in charge of Fantasia practice, I need to make sure I have the best team of advisors from each family that I can possibly have. Only by selecting the absolute cream of the crop will I bring about our Dark Lord’s resurgence and welcome Him into our homes and CD players. I absolutely know what I am doing. Yes.

To that end – Inquiries! I have a few inquiries per house that I can do to learn more about my people. Let’s pick these with strategy and expertise and not at all by knocking on random doors in the middle of the night!


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Cult of Personality – Let’s Play The Shrouded Isle, Update 1

Hello everyone and welcome to Start to Finish! My name is Matt Bowyer and I will be your host for the foreseeable future! If you’re new to Start to Finish, this is a series where I play a game from the very start to the very finish, though what qualifies as a finishing point often changes depending on life and the things surrounding it.

What are we doing today, though? We are playing The Shrouded Isle! What is the Shrouded Isle, you ask?


Let’s get started.


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